Meet Our Pastor

Pastor Warren - Fountain Park Church

Meet Pastor Warren Waddell

Pastor Warren arrived at Fountain Park UMC July 2, 2012, with his wife Linda.  Having served four other appointments and 7 churches, he came to Sheboygan with many years of experience and hope for seeing the Gospel shared in our community.  There was great turmoil happening in the church when Pastor Warren arrived, and since then, having put out many fires and mending many relationships, the church has begun to grow through the grace of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Pastor Warren has been blessed with the gifts of teaching and preaching and delights in sharing the Gospel message of Salvation in Jesus Christ with who desire to hear, and learn and grow.  He uses puppets to teach the children of the ways of the Lord, encouraging children, young and old, how to live as followers of Jesus.  Grouchy George the dragon and lively Dave the dog are among many of the different characters that show up each weekend to help Pastor Warren share the love of Jesus with those who are present. 

Pastor Warren also enjoys being a part of the various events of the congregation.  Rarely will an event go by that he doesn’t show up to help, or contribute in some way.  Be it serving for the United Women in Faith’s Ladies’ Luncheon in October, or practicing and performing with the bell choir, or leading the devotions for the Men’s Breakfast, Pastor Warren enjoys being with those who have gathered for fellowship and learning.  He’s also been known to operate the dishwasher for the Community Meal that happens on the first Sunday of the month.

Linda is active in the choir, the bell choir, and is the chair of the Adult and Family Ministry Committee.  She is known to put together a mystery night that is still a mystery (due to Covid), game nights, golf classics, talent shows, and family picnics with the generous help and assistance of the A&F ministry committee.

Through the years Pastor Warren has had several hobbies, including hunting, fishing, camping, and bicycling, but his favorite one is building and flying remote-controlled airplanes.  His hangar of planes exceeds the number of puppets in his office, and some would wonder how he gets them out of his basement and into the air. 

Pastor Warren and Linda have been married for 41 years and have two daughters, Sara and Naomi, two sons-in-laws, Rick and Kris, four grand-dogs, Athena, Frayia, Reece, and Ziko, and one grand-daughter, Sophia. 

Pastor Warren believes strongly in the integrity of the Bible, Salvation by grace in Jesus Christ, and regularly calls everyone to go beyond themselves to reach out in love to touch their neighbors in the love of God.  “There are so many in our world today who do not yet know the importance of a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Just the pastor alone is not able to reach everyone.  Therefore it is vital that all the members of the church become ministers of the Gospel so that Jesus may be known to all the world.”

Come join us for worship and get to know Pastor Warren for yourself.